Live long and prosper

A wonderfully constant factor in the nightlife of Utrecht. Since 1984 the cafe has been run by the same owners. Set up according to the conviction 'be normal, then you'll be crazy enough', we soon attracted people with the conviction 'go crazy, that's normal enough'. Every innkeeper gets the audience he deserves.

Why theater?

Traditionally, once in a while performances take place in De Bastaard. Nowadays less theater, because there are simply many more theaters where one can go to. We only program things we like, because we are first and foremost a café! If you have a nice initiative, you can always contact us.

Secret garden

In the back of De Bastaard we have an unexpected surprise for our guests. An outdoor seating area with sycamore trees, Portuguese laurel, ivy and an endless stream of refreshments. Leastwise, until midnight, because then we close our Arcadia.


We serve all kinds of snacks, but we don't have a kitchen. But don't let that stop you! Bring your own food, or order and have it delivered.